How PES Membrane Filters are Used

Sterlitech Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane is a type of product that is created with the use of pure thermoplastic polymer membranes, known as polyethersulfone polymer membrane.

The Science Behind Membrane Filtration

When you understand the science that is behind membrane filtration, it helps you appreciate the industry and those that use the products that they develop.

Difference Between Groundwater Filtration & Cross Flow Filtration

There are many different types of filtration techniques that are used in order to give you a more pure product.

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What’s In Your Water?

When we walk to the sink and turn on the tap, we obviously expect to get a glass of water. When you really start to break things down, however, and realize what is going on behind the scenes, you start to see that there are so many other things in the water that are harmful to us. In some cases, those harmful items are added to the water, as is the case with fluorine and chloride, chemicals that can hurt the human body.

Benefits of Nanofiltration Technology

What are the benefits of nanofiltration and how can it make a difference in the products that are being manufactured?

How Cross Flow Filtration Works

What is this type of filtration, how does it work and what type of benefits does it provide for the user?

How Whey Protein Concentration Works

How does whey protein concentration work and what benefits does it provide?

Five Industries That Use Membrane Filtration Systems

Many industries use membrane filtration technology for a variety of purposes ranging from filtering impurities from water, creating concentrated solutions, and cheese production to helping the environment by minimizing waste or reusing liquids.